Commercial Measured Building Surveys

A precise commercial measured building survey is an indispensable asset in the design and renovation process, furnishing architects and engineers with meticulously detailed measurements and immersive 3D models of both the interior and exterior of a structure. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, our surveyors meticulously craft accurate and comprehensive plans that meticulously capture every aspect of a building’s form and structure.

We provide comprehensive measured building surveys for commercial properties, including offices, schools, shopping centres and working building sites.

Initial Consultation

To commence, we’ll arrange an initial consultation to discuss your project requirements and thoroughly understand the site location. We believe that laying the groundwork effectively is paramount for the success of any construction or renovation endeavour. Following our consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Affecting the Costs of Property

Data Capture

Typically we would spend the first day on your site with a 3D Laser scanner which accurately captures the data on your site. This will pick up everything on your site as long as it is visible.


Software Clean up

Upon completion of the site survey, we employ specialised software to meticulously refine the data, eliminating any inconsistencies or inaccuracies and seamlessly merging the individual scans into a unified project. This process, commonly referred to as reality capture, meticulously replicates your site in digital form, providing a comprehensive and true-to-life representation.

Cost of Property Surveys

Conversion to AutoCAD

Following data collection, we seamlessly transfer the information into AutoCAD, where it undergoes transformation into various formats, including floor plans, cross sections, internal and external elevations, floor level surveys, and topographical site plans. Utilizing the latest AutoCAD software, we ensure compatibility and precision, delivering the final outputs in both DWG and PDF formats to meet your specific needs.

We can help you get the surveys and drawings that you need for your projects.
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