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Dedicated to pioneering solutions and streamlined project execution. Situated in London and around the South of England, our reach extends globally allowing us to undertake projects in diverse locations worldwide. We can assist with Building information modellig, BIM management, BIM to scan, M&E design consultancy, clash detection, COBie / Asset Data management and much more. With a wealth of expertise spanning Fit Out (CAT A & B), Commercial, Residential, Data Centre, and education sectors, we bring extensive experience to every endeavour. Regardless of project scope, we meticulously navigate from conceptualisation to fruition, ensuring a holistic, progressive service at every stage.

Building Information Modelling

We lead the way in Building Information Modelling, commonly known as ‘BIM’, within the industry. With a track record of completing numerous projects to BIM Level 2 and PAS 1192 standards, we possess an extensive understanding of the requisite technologies essential for delivering projects to the highest benchmarks. We meticulously adhere to each project’s unique ‘BIM Execution Plan’ (BEP), ensuring compliance and alignment with project goals. Our deliverables encompass COBie standard asset data information, as well as any client-specific requirements. We provide fully compliant models that can be seamlessly integrated into facility management (FM) teams for ongoing maintenance purposes, serving as dynamic substitutes for traditional O&M manuals. Leveraging cutting-edge tools such as point cloud scanning and BIM 360, among others, we ensure a smooth project journey from inception to completion.

BIM Management

We excel in overseeing and directing all BIM Management processes outlined in the client’s BIM Execution Plan (BEP). From basic clash detection for model coordination to comprehensive assessments of asset data information within the model, we ensure thoroughness at every step. Our expertise extends to verifying compliance with Level of Detail (LOD) standards and confirming the delivery of all client-requested information and specifications by the project-wide team.

With our extensive experience in BIM Management, we guarantee seamless coordination, clash detection, model compliance, data extraction, and final model handover throughout the entirety of your project.

3D Laser Scanning Services

Scan to BIM

We provide Scan to BIM 3D modelling services, using the latest technology to convert point cloud and laser survey data into sophisticated 3D BIM models for architects, surveyors and main contractors. We also provide MEP Scan to BIM services for consulting engineers, MEP designers and MEP contractors.

Our BIM models are created using Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit MEP. The raw survey data is compiled from the rapid processing of millions of site data points and images, as part of the Scan to BIM process. We can also use the raw survey data and images from laser survey tools with a range of specialist software tools to create accurate architectural and MEP models of existing buildings.

Scanners identify a structure’s surface details for point cloud information. Point clouds thus include precise and large amounts of data and can be converted to object-based BIM models, where scanned data is converted to BIM data. Our point cloud to BIM modelling service creates accurate models for as-built purposes as well as for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects.

Scan to BIM allows you to create a highly accurate three-dimensional digital representation of your building – in a reduced amount of time without the possibility for human error.

Rural Practice Surveyor

COBie / Asset Data Management

COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) serves as an international standard facilitating the seamless transfer of building data across various stages, from design through construction to maintenance, fostering collaboration and clarity throughout the process.

In technical terms, COBie functions as a structured ‘data schema,’ which can be stored in either a spreadsheet or, more efficiently, in a database. It organises data in a manner that is compatible with other data structures using this format.

Fully compliant models can be provided to Facility Management (FM) teams for ongoing maintenance, replacing traditional Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals. Our modelling processes incorporate advanced tools such as point cloud scanning, BIM 360, and other programs to ensure precise representation of the building and its services.

During this process, asset information and parameters, including barcodes, serial numbers, warranty details, and manufacturer information, can be embedded within the model. This comprehensive information empowers FM teams to utilise the model for maintenance purposes, eliminating the need for scattered hard copy drawings in various O&M manuals and establishing a unified database for the building’s entire lifecycle.

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