Land Registry Compliant Plans

Empowering Property Professionals

Owning a property demands a clear understanding of its boundaries and dimensions. With ever-changing rules and complicated legal frameworks, it is not wise to own a piece of land without establishing its accuracy and compliance.

This is where our quality Land Registry compliant plans services can be a helping hand for you. Our services bridge the gap between imagination and reality, ensuring that your property rights are safe, boundaries are crystal clear, and your dream of property ownership is fulfilled justly.

Whether you’re a visionary developer, a budding homeowner or a meditative investor, let our trusted and professional surveyors handle your matter of land. Visit our place, where precision meets peace of mind, and avail reliable, quality and affordable services.

Comprehensive Service for Property Owners

At our Land Registry compliant plans services, we offer a range of comprehensive and accurate plans to meet your specific needs in the UK. Our expertise includes the following:

Freehold Title Plans: We create detailed and self-explanatory plans that define the boundaries and features of your freehold property. With legal compliance, we make sure that your property’s extent is accurately represented.

Lease Plans: At Bidston Draughting, we ensure that our Land Registry compliant lease plans accurately depict the demised area of the property, including any shared spaces or common areas, to provide a clear and precise definition of the tenant’s rights and obligations.

Boundary Plans: Our Land Registry compliant plan surveyors are adept in producing precise and illustrative plans for neighbouring properties to provide clarity and prevent potential conflicts.

Estate Plans: We understand the complexities of managing estates and developments. Our estate plans showcase the entirety of the property, including multiple units and shared areas, enabling effective management and utilisation.

Conveyance Plans: Regarding property transactions, our conveyance plans play an effective role. We prepare detailed plans documenting the transfer of ownership and ensuring that all the easements and boundaries are depicted accurately.

Land Registry Compliant Plans for Land Registration: We specialise in creating plans that meet the Land Registry’s requirements for registration purposes. We make sure that all the plans submitted for registration comply with the necessary guidelines.

When you choose our Land Registry compliant plans services, we always ensure quality, professionalism, accuracy, and commitment to delivering plans, whether you’re a homeowner, developer, or involved in a legal matter. This saves your investment and lets you place your trust in our professional and dedicated team.

Land Registry Compliant Plans
Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan
Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan
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    Meticulously Crafted Plans

    Our Land Registry compliant plans are meticulously crafted to meet the following criteria:

    • Our plans are drawn true to scale, displaying orientation and actual scale.
    • We strictly adhere to metric units, with dimensions shown in two decimal places.
    • Our plans provide sufficient detail for clear identification on Ordnance Survey maps and the landlord’s title plan.
    • Property is distinctly identified through suitable colouring, edging, or hatching.
    • Edgings are optimised to avoid obscuring other details on the plan.
    • Different floor levels are indicated on the plan and in the lease agreement.
    • Our plans do not include disclaimers; they are accurate and for identification purposes.
    • Colour references on the plan perfectly match the text of the deed, ensuring consistency.

    Streamlining Property Transactions

    A Land Registry compliant plan is significant in various situations involving property ownership, legal proceedings or transactions. Considering its importance, our qualified team is ready with its dedicated land registry compliant plan services to serve you in many cases:

    • Property sale or purchase
    • Land registration
    • Lease agreements
    • Boundary disputes
    • Development projects
    • House conversion
    • Legal proceedings

    Trustable Services at Reasonable Costs

    At Bidston Draughting, we understand that cost is one of the core concerns of every client; that’s why we provide reasonable pricing for our services. The exact estimate of Land Registry compliant plan cost varies due to certain factors like plan type, land size, location and property complexity.

    However, you can relax knowing that our team offers affordable and quality solutions without compromising accuracy. Get connected with us, and we will provide you with a reasonable pricing structure keyed to your requirements.


    Why a Land Registry Compliant Plan is Needed?

    It is essential for accurately defining property boundaries, facilitating property transactions, resolving disputes and ensuring compliance with land registration requirements.

    Does It Help Resolve Boundary Disputes?

    Absolutely! These plans serve as sound evidence in legal proceedings and facilitate a fair resolution. Reach our experts and have compliant plans to save your investment.

    Are Land Registry Compliant Plans Only for Residential Properties?

    No, whether you own a house, a commercial building, or a plot of land, it is critical to have a compliant plan for proper documentation and legal purposes.

    How Long Does It Take to Obtain a Plan?

    The exact time for this varies depending on the complexity of the property and other associated matters; however, our surveyors always give their best to deliver accurate plans within the agreed timeframe.

    We can help you get the surveys and drawings that you need for your projects.

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