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Cost of Property Surveys Blog
November 24, 2023

What is the Cost of Property Surveys?

Whenever you plan to buy a property, you want the one in the finest condition and meeting the legal standards so that you may not face any legal issues or…
Floor Plans Blog
November 2, 2023

What Are Floor Plans? When Do You Need Them?

What are Floor Plans? Floor plans are technical drawings prepared on the scale of your property and depict the relationship between its physical features, such as rooms and spaces. They…
Land Registry Plans Blog
October 27, 2023

What are Land Registry Plans? What are the Requirements?

What are Land Registry Plans? Land registry documents are essential property documents detailing a given property's features, including boundary information, title information, unique identifiers, and visual representation/drawings. These documents are…
How does it works... Blog
August 17, 2023

Point Cloud Survey: Time Saving, Cost-Effective & Accurate

With time, new and innovative techniques, methods and criteria are developed that have revolutionised the technical approach of man to construction. These new approaches are opening up new ways for…
Surveyors Blog
July 11, 2023

What Are the Different Types of Surveyors? [Detailed Guide]

Surveyors are professionals who measure and map land, buildings, and other structures. They use their skills to collect data, solve problems, and make informed decisions. There are many different surveyors,…
All About Topographical Surveys and How They Can Benefit You Blog
July 4, 2023

All About Topographical Surveys and How They Can Benefit You

What is a Topographical Survey? A topographical survey, also known as a land survey or a topographic survey, is a detailed survey that maps the physical features and characteristics of…