Adverse Weather Conditions

Working outdoors in adverse weather conditions can be dangerous, cause damage to equipment and result in survey inaccuracies. Therefore,in the event of adverse weather conditions, e.g. snow, high winds, thunderstorms or heavy rain, we reserve the right to reschedule the survey date for the client free of charge. 


We will not survey areas where there are unsecured large animals present, e.g. bulls, cows, goats, horses. 

We will not survey areas where our Surveyors deem any domesticated animals to be a risk to their personal safety.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Bidston Draughting reserve the right to remove ourselves from surveys where we feel unsafe, uncomfortable or disrespected. Rudeness from clients will not be tolerated and our staff may decide to leave the premises if subjected to this behaviour and it is not dealt with instantly. In this case you will be liable to pay our same day cancellation fee and we may refuse to re-visit and complete the required works.

In any situation where we feel our staff are likely to be physically harmed or harassed, we will leave the survey site immediately.

If you feel there is an immediate threat of any kind to the personal wellbeing of our staff it must be disclosed to us prior to undertaking any survey works. 


If there is a presence, or suspected presence, of asbestos on site, this must immediately be communicated to Bidston Draughting. If we have to withdraw from site as a result of this a same day cancellation charge will apply.

Broken or Steep Ground

Where the ground is particularly steep or broken it may not be possible to survey without causing injuries to our staff. You must advise us if such a problem could affect our ability to undertake safely the required survey work.

Confined Spaces

Bidston Draughting will not survey in any confined space without prior discussion with the client. Please make us aware of any areas that require confined space surveying.

Dangerous Structures

We will not survey in dangerous or structurally unsound or dangerous situations. It is at our Surveyors discretion to define as to when a structure is in a dangerous condition e.g. holes in floors, dilapidated structures, burnt-out structures etc.

Working at Height

Where a survey is required on a flat roof or above ground level, suitable access will be provided by stairs or ladders that are deemed to be in good working condition. If we are required to bring a suitable ladder to site we require at least one day’s notice prior to our arrival. The provision of suitable equipment may mean you will be liable for additional costs.


Animal Waste & Vermin

Due to the inherent health risks involved, no survey work will be undertaken where the is an excessive build-up of animal droppings or a presence of vermin on site until this has been cleared by an approved contractor. If we have to withdraw from site as a result of this a Same Day Cancellation charge will apply.

General Survey Access

We do not undertake any site clearance so please ensure that areas to be surveyed are clear of debris, overgrown vegetation and obstructing items.

In areas of dense vegetation Bidston Draughting will endeavour to survey as much information as possible, but it may mean that no or very little information can be picked up in these areas without clearance by the client. If we have to withdraw from site as a result of this, a Same Day Cancellation charge will apply.


Hypodermic Needles and Drugs Paraphernalia

In areas where needles or drugs paraphernalia is present Bidston Draughting will not survey until a suitable contractor has cleared the area.


While our Surveyors will be equipped with head torches suitable for lighting up small rooms and areas, if larger areas need to be lit we must be advised prior to arrival. It may require additional costs to provide adequate lighting. If we arrive and have not been told about inadequate lighting, we may need to charge a Same Day Cancellation fee.

Site Working Hours

It is assumed that we can survey, without interruption, between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00. We will give the client an indication of how long the survey will take. If we are asked to leave prior to this, it may incur a day cancellation charge.


Theft of Equipment

Our instruments and equipment are of high value, and it is therefore important to protect it from theft. It is the responsibility of our clients to ensure we can operate in a safe and protected environment whilst on their property or within a designated site. This includes the securing of property from trespassers, ensuring there are no unauthorised persons present (squatters etc) and safeguarding our equipment from other workers, residents or visitors.

In situations where we feel our equipment is at high risk of being damaged or stolen, we will leave the survey site immediately.