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  Measured Building Survey

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Bidston Draughting offers as-built measured building surveys.
We provide a selection of accurate and detailed services to our
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We complete surveys across London & the UK

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Step 1

Initial Consultation

Firstly, there will be an initial consultation and a quote that is given to learn about the site location. With any construction or renovation project, getting off to the right start is essential.

Step 2

Capturing Data

Typically we would spend the first day on your site with a 3D Laser scanner which accurately captures the data on your site. This will pick up everything on your site as long as it is visible.

Step 3

Software Clean-up

Once the site is complete we run it through software to clean up any bad data and stitch together the individual scans into one large project which will mimic your site this is known in the industry as reality capture.

Step 4

Export into AutoCAD

We then export the data and turn it into Floor plans, cross sections, Internal elevations, External Elevations, Floor level surveys and Topographical Site Plans. Using the latest version of AutoCAD to provide you with DWG and PDF formats.

Measured Building Survey Services

What Is Involved in a Measured Building Survey?

  • Floor Plans

We use precise measurement techniques to produce detailed floor plans and elevations that capture all the unique features and structural elements of a building.

  • Elevations

Our 2D elevtions for buildings showcase the internal and external features up to the roof level, providing a comprehensive view of the building’s layout, with floor levels shown for context where necessary.

  • Cross-sections

Cross-sections provide a detailed and cut-away view of a building’s interior space, utilising the floor planes, elevations, and any other relevant information to produce these sections.

What Is Involved in a Measured Building Survey?

At Bidston Draughting, we recognise that redevelopments and refurbishments are among the most common reasons for requesting a survey. However, we understand that there are many other potential uses of the data we provide, such as:

  • Service layout and/or managing a facility
  • Health & Safety Planning i.e. creating fire plan design
  • Establishing tax requirements or valuing a property
  • The acquisition, sale, registry, or leasing of property
  • Party wall issues and for rights of lights
  • Fulfilling liscensing requirements
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