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  Point Cloud Survey

Create Detailed Digital Models With Point Cloud Surveys

Bidston Draughting is a leading surveying company with extensive experience and expertise in providing high-quality point cloud surveys. Our skilled teams have the knowledge and tools necessary to execute a comprehensive scan of your building, capturing accurate data and producing a detailed computer-aided design that can be used for a wide range of applications.

We complete surveys across London & the UK

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Step 1


Our survey team will first assess the site and determine the best approach for capturing the required data. This may involve selecting the appropriate scanning equipment, determining the scan positions, and identifying any potential safety hazards or access issues.

Step 2


Our surveyors will then use laser scanners or similar equipment to capture a large number of individual data points from various angles and positions. These scanners use a combination of lasers and cameras to create a virtual 3D model of the space or object.

Step 3

Model Creation

The scanning process captures data, which is then processed with specialised software to form a point cloud model. This entails aligning and merging individual scans to create a full 3D representation. Once the point cloud data is processed, we use specialised software to generate a detailed 3D model for various purposes like design, analysis, and visualisation.

Step 4

Data Analysis

The data gathered through the point cloud survey can be analysed and manipulated using specialised software to extract a wide range of information, such as distances, volumes, and surface areas.

Benefits of Point Cloud Survey

A point cloud survey is a technique used to create a 3D representation of a physical space or object. It involves using laser scanners or similar equipment to capture many individual data points, which are used to create highly detailed digital models.

  • Accuracy: Provides precise measurements and models.
  • Efficiency: Rapid data collection for large areas.
  • Detail: High-resolution data captures intricate features.
  • Flexibility: Versatile data for various projects.
  • Safety: Remote scanning avoids hazardous access.
  • Collaboration: Easy sharing for teamwork in construction or preservation.
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