Measured Building Survey in Essex

Bidston Draughting is a leading measured survey company in Essex. We understand the pivotal role accurate measurements play in any construction project’s success and are dedicated to delivering exceptional measured survey services tailored for construction purposes.

With a skilled team of professionals equipped with cutting-edge technology, we provide comprehensive and precise surveying solutions that enable our clients to make informed decisions confidently throughout the construction process.

From initial assessments to detailed floor plans and elevations, our team delivers excellence in each measured building survey in Essex. Reach us and discover how our expertise can transform your dream construction projects into a reality.

Documentation that Meets Your Needs

Planning Applications and Building Regulations: Our surveys provide data that can be used in planning applications, site condition analyses, and compliance with building regulations.

Property Development and Management: We assist clients in property planning, development and management through a comprehensive analysis of the overall property condition.

Design and Renovation Projects: Our full measured building surveys in Essex are instrumental in design and renovation projects, providing detailed information on the existing structure, property dimensions and layout to enable architects and designers to develop practical design plans and renovations.

Health and Safety Assessments: The surveys thoroughly examine the premises, indicate possible risks, and ascertain compliance with safety regulations, ensuring safe solutions for the occupants.

Measured Building Survey in Essex
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    Project and Programme Management: Our measured building surveys in Essex assist in project and programme management by providing clients with crucial data to assess feasibility, plan timelines, and allocate resources effectively.

    Facility Management: An invaluable tool for facility management, our measured building survey Essex offers comprehensive information about the property’s infrastructure, systems, and condition, aiding in maintenance planning, asset management, and optimisation of facility operations.

    Land and Property Surveying: Whether it’s for determining property boundaries, assessing topography, or evaluating land characteristics, our surveys provide accurate measurements and detailed information essential for land and property professionals.

    Historical Building Recording: We capture intricate details, measurements, and structural elements of heritage sites, preserving their architectural significance and aiding in restoration or conservation efforts.

    Defining Boundaries, Ensuring Clarity

    By choosing our measured building survey services in Essex, you can construct accurate and well-planned structures that are up to the mark.

    • Latest equipment and professionally recognised techniques.
    • Comprehensive and reliable data, empowering you to make informed decisions.
    • Access to detailed floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other vital information.
    • Accurate surveys for improved construction efficiency.
    • Timely identification of potential risks and challenges.
    • Detailed documentation, valuable for long-term maintenance or renovations.
    • Compliance with legal requirements, helping you avoid disputes.

    We can help you get the surveys and drawings that you need for your projects.

    Our draughting team are ready.